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Bantams Flat Caps – Guinness World Record Attempt



It has been a few days now since our attempt to set a brand new Guinness World Record for “The most number of Flat Caps In one place” and we wanted to let you all know the outcome as soon as we had it.


Due to circumstances beyond our control, Guinness have deemed the evidence that we submitted in support of our attempt as “not sufficient” and are therefore unable to approve our attempt.  Naturally, we are all bitterly disappointed with their decision, but we feel this has not detracted from what we all achieved on the day.


Our independent assessors counted 403 flat caps wearers on the day and whilst the attempt has not been officially recognised by Guinness, we feel that the title of “Unofficial World Record Holders” is something we should all be proud of !


We wish to express our sincere thanks to everyone involved on Easter Monday, without whose help the attempt would have remained simply an idea. Our wholehearted gratitude goes to:


The chairmen and directors, James Mason, and everyone at Bradford City FC for allowing the attempt to be held at Valley Parade;


The stewards of Bradford City FC for their assistance during the attempt;


Martin Baines and Jed Din (independent witnesses), Andrew Mitchell and Richard Poole (timekeepers);


The various media, press and TV organisations that documented and reported the event;


Tom Gadd for his excellent work in photographing the attempt;


The University of Bradford for filming the attempt in their match day footage.


Finally, our biggest thank you is to everyone who stayed behind after the game to partake in the attempt.  We are proud that you were all prepared to give up your time and stay behind on a Bank Holiday evening and this was hugely appreciated by us all. What an atmosphere you created! Each and every one of you City fans, Preston fans or just World Record Holder wannabes were magnificent.


Thank you all.


Whilst the attempt has not been officially accepted by Guinness, the unexpected exposure it received, resulted in around 50 additional caps being sold.


As our original aim was to create a cap that was a respectful and fitting tribute to the events of May 11th 1985, we have been staggered by the response our project has had. Your enthusiasm and support for our idea has led to the sale of over 600 Bantams Flat Caps. We are still awaiting money from some sales and have yet to finalise figures, but we can say that your magnificent and generous support has raised in excess of £11,000 for the Burns Unit (PSBRU) to continue their great work.


Finally, following numerous requests from delighted owners of the flat caps and after discussions with the PSBRU, we hope to offer a scarf to complement the caps next season. If you are interested, please let us know as soon as possible; an early idea of numbers will help us determine if the idea is viable.


We take our caps off to each and every one of you!


Kind regards,


The Bantams Flat Caps Team.